The Classic Silks 2 Wallpaper Book Review

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Review of The Classic Silks 2 Wallpaper Book by Patton.

Our latest wallpaper book review is the Classic Silks 2 Wallpaper Book.

Silks have been a favorite of so many over the years, and this book is a great example of silks.

Take a look at The Classic Silks 2 Wallpaper Book at

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The Fixer Upper Podcast


It Is Time For A Fixer Upper Podcast

Is it time for a Fixer Upper Podcast? As you may know from reading my earlier blog posts, I have become a BIG admirer of The HGTV show Fixer Upper, a devoted or quite possibly an obsessed fan. No worries guys, I am just a friendly 61 year old GiGi ready to talk decorating.

I think the talented Chip and Joanna Gaines do a great job on the charming homes they remodel, and a wonderful job of producing a creative TV Show. Plus, I particularly like the good wholesome, family oriented vibes I get from this inspiring couple. And of course, I love viewing any pretty decorating styles, which Fixer Upper is literally chocked full of creative design ideas. I guess I need to take notes like when I watch Dr. Oz, ugh! As my daughters would say Mom… TMI. (too much information)

You may also know from my earlier blogs, my husband Gary is a super techie guy. I think the term Geek may be more appropriate. Amazingly enough he is the one ready to jump feet first in the “new” Fixer Upper Podcast. I think this sounds like a really fun thing we can do together as a couple! I do think Chip and Joanna would give a thumbs up for this family fun activity. Heck, who wouldn’t want to be part of their family with farm animals, chocolate chip cookies, trampolines, gardening and so much more fun kid/adult stuff. This show is about as All-American as baseball and apple pie, oh wait they do that too! Finally, I was so encouraged for some television programming Rated G, refreshing! But, Chip pulling his shirt up doesn’t count, LOL!!
podcast repairman, podcast editing service
My husband started podcasting back in 2004, when podcasting was first invented. He was probably one of the first 100 podcasters on the planet. Gary is so much into podcasting that he produces several podcasts under his business company Trust me guys this is about the only repair around our house he does, hehe! Good thing he is fun because my honey do lists is always full. They say patience is a virtue, right? Well I should win the blue ribbon for that.

As we were out for our evening walk with our weenie dog, we were discussing the HGTV Fixer Upper show and he asked me about their podcast. Of course, not being super techie, I told him I had NO idea if there was even a podcast for the TV show. So, low and behold Gary looked around and to our delight there was not one!! Yippee…. I am so delighted he wants to create one to share with our subscribers. So tell your friends to click subscribe now on as we will update you there to begin with.

Well, not to my surprise, that got the hubby going, (sometimes known as my 8 year old). He decided that together we would create a Fixer Upper Fan Podcast. It seems that we will watch every episode together live (Yea, not football) and then immediately after the show is over record a podcast about our thoughts and opinions right in the comfort of our home. You can bet they will differ, even though we have been married 32 years. They say opposites attract, right? Look out folks, sparks could fly!

The Fixer Upper Podcast will be a fan based podcast only and in no way considered the official podcast. The podcast will not be endorsed or associated with HGTV Fixer Upper TV Show, or the Gaines. Unless, I get a call from Chip or Joanna to sign on the dotted line, haha, a girl can dream big right?

This podcast will simply be a fun informative and possibly whimsical podcast for fans of the show to hear our thoughts and share our love for the show. And ohhhh we do love what they do!! Seriously, how in the world do they stay within budget, hmmm could be a good question. I have so many buzzing in my head.

Gary says we will even have a telephone call in line so fans of the show can call in their thoughts or questions about the episode. Oh my, that sounds like it could get very entertaining. I don’t have a number for that yet, but it sounds very very cool. Yup, Gary is a cool guy and I am quite the lucky one, awww mush mush! Hopeless romantic here!

Gary has quite a few friends that produce unofficial podcasts for TV shows, and it turns out that the networks have ended up working with many of those podcasters. They see it as a great marketing tool for extra promotions of a TV show. For some, networks have even provided interview opportunities with characters/hosts of the TV shows. More on that later! That would be awesome if we could get Joanna or Chip to make an occasional appearance on our show. My little secret, I do dream of meeting those two cuties in person some day! Don’t they seem like they could be everyone’s best friend? I wonder how that compelling charisma is achieved? God given, I am guessing. Total rock stars in my book.

Gary has created a website for the show at

He has also create a Facebook page at You need to join the Facebook Groups since that will be the place to get involved and make comments that will appear on the podcast.

If you have an iPhone, or an iPad you can subscribe HERE. For people using Android Phones you can subscribe HERE

We should record our first episode in the next week or so. The first episode will be an introduction type show.

That is really all I know for now but I will definitely update you when we get it all ironed out and close to our first podcast episode of the new 2016 season Fixer Upper. I am so happily anticipating our new adventure I can hardly sleep! Here’s hoping the season is just around the corner or I may need some fresh cucumbers for my eyes, yikes!

Wish me luck 🙂

Fixer Upper Podcast

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The New Hampton Wallpaper Book Review

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Review of the New Hampton Wallpaper Book by Seabrook.

The New Hampton Wallpaper Book is from Seabrook’s Platinum Designer Series.

I love the great geometric patterns in this book, and I am sure you will too.

Take a look at New Hampton Wallpaper Book by Seabrook at

Need help finding that perfect wallpaper? Let my research department make it easy for you. Just call us at 817-226-7890 and let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help.

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My First Trip To Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market
My Trip To Magnolia Marketplace

My Trip To Magnolia Market Was A Blast

Okay friends I admit it, I am completely obsessed and starry eyed with designer Joanna Gaines AND the whole concept of the Fixer Upper TV show, and the Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas. We happily decided to duck out of work a little early on a beautiful sunny afternoon and experience this place! Please allow about 2+ hours to do it right. There is so much to see and do. Wow, such a fun, refreshing adventure we had and totally worth the drive.

I was thrilled my husband accompanied me to Waco and visit the “Gaines Compound” better known as Magnolia Market. Seriously folks this is a destination you do NOT want to miss, even if you ever so slightly have an interest in decorating and or shopping. Realistically, what woman (or man) do you know that wouldn’t want to partake in an adventure like this?

Along the drive down I-35 I suggested we stop in West, TX and grab a few world famous kolaches. I thought it might work as another little bribe technique I had up my sleeve hehe. Hey foodies, FYI there are approximately 8-10 unique food trucks to grab a bite on the Magnolia grounds and snag a picnic table and possibly make a new friend. I indulged in a fresh crepe that was delish and I think Gary had some sort of gourmet macaroni and cheese dish that he said was to die for!

Tip #1 shop first then you can use your receipt for an extra 10% off Monday-Thursday.

Waco is just 85 miles away from our home in Arlington, Texas. So the trip was just a little over an hour away. Now, I am wondering what took me so darn long to get there? Maybe the rumors of vast crowds on weekends where it takes about 1-2 hours just to enter a retail store, crazy right? WRONG…. this was like the Disney World of fun for me but, a lot cheaper and closer to home.

Magnolia Market
I was happy my husband Gary came along for the ride, such a good sport. After all, I did need someone to take photos for me and drive while I was on my smart phone getting all the inside scoop. We wanted to make the most of our afternoon. Yes, I am the planner organizer of the family and I never want to miss a thing and trust me we saw EVERYTHING. We went on a Wednesday afternoon, no crowds and best of all no waiting in lines to enter.

Another useful tip, clean bathrooms outside behind the market have way less lines and yes even that ever so popular, beautiful white subway tile she uses!

Gary has never, ever enjoyed shopping with me because he tells me it takes way too long and I have to touch everything, sad but true, yikes! But, I must say he was very interested in seeing what all the wild hoop-la was about. Plus it was super easy to find, only 2 turns off the interstate. Thank goodness no direction problems, we wouldn’t want to get off on the wrong foot!

The first thing I noticed upon arriving was the parking situation. There was a guy charging $10 to park in his lot as we approached the Magnolia Market but we passed him by. Cha-ching $$ we scored a spot behind the building which was probably rare, guess just good timing, so be prepared and good luck.

I had Gary take lots of photos, which I thought I would share some with you in this post. By the way, everyone is snapping pics and taking selfies to post on FB to make their friends envy and there is a sign that actually encourages picture taking. Note to self, great marketing plan you two smart Baylor Bear graduates.

As time goes on, I will write more posts, tips, info, etc about my experiences there. So later I will have a little more inside scoop to share like the hottest selling products, Joanna’s favorite jewelry and even that terrific smelling candle she brought to life. I have a method to my madness friends, got to lure you back, right?

I can now say that I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and all of the staff were more than accommodating. We talked to the precious Baylor student who was the door greeter handing out these big, sturdy canvas shopping bags. She also gave us a wealth of information, even pointing out Joanna’s mother who works there. Awww so sweet her Mom was there and indeed it seems to really be a family affair, so refreshing. Actually the service from the entire staff at Magnolia Market was fantastic.

Magnolia Market
Of course, I had to have one of those wildly popular Magnolia T-shirts, I tired to get the hubby to indulge in a manly #DEMODAY shirt but to no avail, oh well his loss. Boohoo…. I was hoping we could be twinkies. There is no dressing room (prob to speed it up) so I was trying them on over my clothes as a lady was helping and giving her opinion and pointing to an old silver antique mirror that was pretty clouded. I decided on the cutest,softest baseball style shirt that had three quarter length sleeves for about $28, not bad for the quality. They ran just a little large hmmm… maybe I have dropped a few lbs, wishful thinking!

I pulled out the ole trusty charge card and purchased other gift items including one Christmas gift, yes I am THAT person ha. I will detail more in an upcoming blog, ohhhh how I love to shop!

I was a little sad that I did not see Chip or Joanna, but I was told crazy Chip pops in pretty often to crack a joke and keep the staff smiling. I think it is rare to see Joanna because of her rock star status, crowd control would probably be a must. They do have a security guard on duty, which I thought was a little strange, since they do not serve alcohol. But, it truly is a family friendly, feel good kind of place for all to enjoy the good clean living we all dream about.

They have a large green (astro turf) lawn with many fun games such as corn hole, balls, hula hoops etc and these big black and white stripe, comfy bean bag chairs to sit a spell. It had rained the day before so the big swings were roped off due to a little mud but, that did not stop me from posing for a quick pic. I can also see in the near future there will probably be plans for afternoon entertainment on the big, covered wooden stage. Plenty of family fun activities and food for the kids and Dad while Mom shops, flat out genius idea!!

I do believe there is no stopping the train, lots and lots of fresh new plans and ideas coming Magnolia way, thanks to creative Chip and Joanna Gaines!! We are excited to say we will be returning to Waco when the new bakery, seed store and others open soon. We will report back on our opinions/reviews for you, our faithful readers and hopefully subscribers.

Small hometown Waco has other stops in case you have more time than we did. You can drive around and see The Gaines farmhouse from the highway, Magnolia B&B, Harp Designs, Baylor University, Dr. Pepper Museum, Texas Ranger Museum and some gorgeous historic neighborhoods. I do hope some day you will be able to visit and experience first hand this wonder place. Thank you and as always it has been my pleasure to share through my blog.

I hope you enjoy these photos.

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Fixer upper Podcast
The Fixer Upper Podcast

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The Raffi My Home Wallpaper Book Review

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Review of Raffi My Home Wallpaper Book by Ontario.

The Raffi My Home Wallpaper Book is more of a modern style.

It has quite a few black and white wallpaper patterns.

Many of these patterns come in quite a few colors combinations.

Take a look at Raffi My Home Wallpaper Book at

Need help finding that perfect wallpaper? Let my research department make it easy for you. Just call us at 817-226-7890 and let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help.

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The Fixer Upper Theme Song

I never knew the Fixer Upper Theme Song was so good

I have often wondered what the full version of the Fixer Upper Theme Song sounded like, but I never knew where it came from.

Was it a full song, or just a short sound file made for the Fixer Upper TV Show for their intro?

I know it sounds weird, but this was something as a fan of the show that I really wanted to know.

Well, one day I was messing around on YouTube and I actually found the full version of the song.

it is a great tune, and I just love it.

I also found out that the female vocals on this song are from the daughter of Donna Summers. In case you are not familiar with Donna Summers she was the true queen of disco during my college days of the 70’s.

How is that for a little bit of Fixer Upper Trivia?

fixer upper theme song
The song is performed by Johnnie Swim, and is from the album Diamonds. The name of the song featured on the Fixer Upper Theme is Home.

If you love the song as much as I do you can buy the album in the Apple iTunes store HERE

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The Journeys Wallpaper Book Review

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Review of the Journeys Wallpaper Book by Seabrook Wallcovering.

The Journeys wallcovering book is fantastic.

The papers in this book cover flight, famous cities and more.

Seabrook defiantly put out another winner with the Journeys Wallpaper Book

Take a look at the Journeys wallpaper book at

Need help finding that perfect wallpaper? Let my research department make it easy for you. Just call us at 817-226-7890 and let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help.

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