Magnolia Home Wallpaper By Joanna Gaines First Glance

Kathy looks over Joanna Gaines Wallpaper
Kathy Leland looks over the Magnolia Home wallpaper collection by Joanna Gaines

The first preview of Magnolia Home Wallpaper Collection anywhere.

I am very excited to bring you 10 brand new, hot off the press wallpapers from Joanna Gaines. My sales representative from York Wallcovering just received ten different rolls of wallpaper Thursday afternoon from the newly anticipated wallpaper book Magnolia Home. Because she knows I have been covering all things Joanna Gaines, and Fixer Upper TV on the blog she quickly came over to my store at first thing Friday morning. She provided me with an opportunity to review the new patterns, and even gave me samples to work with and share with you.

It is Saturday Morning and I just sat down at my computer to write this blog post, because I wanted to be the first person on the internet to show you these ten patterns. Yes, this is a true exclusive in our wallpaper industry.

That's right this is an exclusive just for you!!!!

I feel confident the wallpapers from The Magnolia Home collection are going to be very popular. No doubt, they may even be some of the best sellers of the year.

Let me give you a small FYI before we start looking at these new patterns. I am just showing you one color way of each of these wallpapers. Each pattern will probably come in at least four different colors. So, if you like a pattern, but wish it came in a different color, don't worry. I assure you it will come in several other colors, and possibly one you fall head over hills over.

So, drum roll please…….. let's take a look at them, and you can see what you think for yourself. It is very evident super designer Joanna Gaines certainly has brought her signature look in to the ever popular world of wallcovering, please enjoy!

When these patterns are available for sale you will be able to buy them on my website at

Magnolia Homes Wallpaper 1Pattern 1: It should not surprise anyone that Joanna has included a farm scene on one of her wallpaper patterns. Especially since her family lives on a farm, and it is such a big part of their family happiness. I can just imagine those four Gaines kids chasing the goats haha!

On this outstanding looking paper you will see a farm, silos, and even a barn. This is the perfect look for anyone that loves the great outdoors and nature. This wallpaper can take you away to a slower serene lifestyle. Maybe even a city slicker or country gal would hang this wallpaper on an accent wall in a guest bath or entry, possibilities are truly endless.

This is not your typical grandmother's country look wallpaper. This is an updated, sophisticated look of a country classic design considered to be a toile style wallpaper which the French created in the 1800's, guess this one is never going out of style!

While this is a darker color of black, white and grey paper, you never know what the other colors will be, or how they will change the look of this great country design. When decorating with this color pattern, you can easily put any color like red as an accent color. The pattern repeats every 24″, the barns are approximately 4″x4″ in size. While I am looking at all the detailed drawings of trees, creeks, bridges, gates, barns, silos, fences, gates, horses, I have come to the conclusion they have left no stone unturned. This wallpaper has it all, wow! We are proud this wallpaper is made in the USA and manufactured by York Wallcovering.


Magnolia Homes Wallpaper 2Pattern 2: This happy little wallpaper pattern is a simple gold dot on a medium white background. The pretty little dots are the size of a penny and have a matte gold coloring which will create a great look in any home. This is a great pattern for a small area or any area that needs to be lightened up a bit. With just a touch of color provided by the small dots.

This paper is so versatile and will literally work in so many places. Anywhere from a child's room, to a bath. It would even be great in a small mud room, or a kitchen. With a paper like this the options are endless.

I can't wait to see the other colors this paper will be available in. I hope this simple sophisticated pattern will encourage you to bring these bright, fun, and exciting wallpapers colors into your decorating project.


Magnolia Homes Wallpaper 3Pattern 3: I have been a fan of brick wallpaper for years. I guess that is why I built the website over ten years ago.

No doubt this has the signature Fixer Upper look of old, worn brick. This is a fabulous faux brick, with a handsome white rustic brick and grey grout line pattern which really does look like the real thing. The size of the bricks vary but average around 10″x 2.5″ I promise you that if you add this wallpaper to any wall in your home, you friends will think you labored over installing a brick wall. A bit less work and less expense I might add.

As I said, I just love brick wallpaper, and I do love this one too.

The wallpaper pictured is a while brick, but I think it is safe to assume that some of the other colors coming may be a red brick, a brownish brick, and possibly even a few other colors to anticipate. This is another awesome design from Joanna Gaines.


Magnolia Homes Wallpaper 4Pattern 4: Plaids, plaids, plaids, who doesn't love a traditional print like this one! This is something that never goes out of style, nor will you ever tire of the look. The first sample is so pretty that I can not wait to see what other colors this one will come out in.

This cottage feel is very warm and such an inviting wallpaper. The squares are approximately 2.5″x2.5″ in a white and beige/peachy coloration.I mean this paper would work in so many places, possibly that country kitchen or laundry room? l also think you can live with a simple plaid like this for very long time, truly a timeless pattern.

The color showing here would be just perfect in a little girls room, and if there is a blue plaid available in the Magnolia Home's wallpaper book the pair would be perfect for a Jack and Jill bathroom.

Yes, it is hard to go wrong with a beautiful plaid wallpaper.


Magnolia Homes Wallpaper Pattern 5: This stunning floral wallpaper has a monochromatic coloration of black, white and grey. The large cabbage roses are about the size of your hand, which make a huge decorating impact.

The intriguing text is lightly written in a pretty cursive style. The words appear to be French but, I am not fluent in that language so am not certain. I wonder what it says? I bet Joanna made sure it was lovely message.

This traditional rose pattern would be gorgeous in a formal dining room or master bath. The use of this pattern would make any family gathering a warm and loving event. I could see a family portrait taken with this wallpaper as a backdrop, totally a memorable site to put in the history books. Just looking at this pattern makes me feel special and relaxed. Any Magnolia home would be honored to display this on their wall.


Magnolia Homes Wallpaper 6Pattern 6: Come on, you knew there had to be a ship lap looking wooden wallpaper in any wallpaper book that had Joanna Gaines name on it. Everyone that has ever watched her HGTV show knows her favorite touch is a wooden wall she calls shiplap, pretty much her signature style.

That is exactly what this portrays, is a wallpaper made after a favorite of Joanna's. I know you have seen her get excited during a remodel when Chip ends up finding some shiplap that they can reuse somewhere else in the house.

What, you don't have any shiplap in your home, but still want the look of shiplap. Well, this paper will save you a good amount of money over having a carpenter come out and install real wood to give that shiplap look.

The wood planks are Joanna's favorite clean color of white with grey wood grain marks and the plank size is about 6″ in height and not sure how wide the planks are?

This will give you the Joanna trademark look of shiplap, and save you a ton of money too. This one is expected to be one of her top sellers. I think it is a great look for any style of home.


Magnolia Homes Wallpaper 7Pattern 7: Joanna has created a legendary floral wallpaper to meet the most discriminating taste. This pattern is a soft feminine floral with an intricate lacy hour glass stripe. The lovely full bouquets are about 9″x9″ the pattern is a real show stopper. The attractively arranged bunch of flowers are a special gift to spoil any generation of women from our little girls to our grandmothers.

The neutral color of white and grey make it adaptable to an array of decorating styles. Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines has to be proud of this wallpaper bringing back the nostalgic era of days gone by. This well thought out wallpaper is reminiscence of romance and love that we all have a passion for.

From New York City to Waco, Texas home decorators will be in high demand for this ever popular wallpaper design. Don't walk, run to get this one up on your wall and start reaping the benefits of the calming effects of your decorating choice. There is no question this wallpaper has an understated elegance that has a timeless appeal.

Most of us would enjoy seeing this pattern in a dining area, bath, or bedroom and possibly a china cabinet, oh so pretty. Many times a single accent wall behind a bed could have a great decorating impact on the entire room. Sometime a little goes a long way or others may decide to do all 4 walls and even the ceiling, wow! This brand new wallpaper is a classic that will be adored for years rather it is in a simple farm house or a fancy mansion. This amazing creation just makes me feel good.


Magnolia Homes Wallpaper 8Pattern 8: This beautiful wallpaper is basically an intriguing text on a taupe/grey background. I find this particular pattern the most interesting. The text is written in a fancy cursive and is less than an inch tall in a paragraph format.

After looking at this paper for quite a while I can say with all certainty the text does not say anything in the English language. It actually looks like a foreign language to me. Someone told me it could possibly be written by monks in an ancient language. Since Joanna and Chip are such strong Christians, that would make sense to me.

The actual letters are raised from the paper which gives it a very high quality look, and the texture really brings a great dimension to this paper. When you run your hand over the wallpaper it has a rough rustic highly textured feel to your touch.

This great pattern would be perfect in a library, study, kitchen desk or kid's study area. It has a wonderful calming effect as I study it.

I kind of wish I knew what it said, but in all reality it may say nothing at all.


Magnolia Homes Wallpaper 9 Pattern 9: If you love the look of architectural designs, this is the perfect paper for you. Maybe you have an architect in your home or one who is aspiring for this career path. I really like the very detailed exactness of this print. I could spend hours just staring or studying this amazing original design.

From what I have been told this paper is made from the actual blueprints for the silos at Joanna and Chip's well know Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas.I think this wallpaper could be my very favorite in the whole book! It is so creative and one so many fans can totally relate to.

If you are a true fan of the Fixer Upper empire built by the Gaines, then this is a must have paper. The color overall is a unique blue with white print and renderings. I predict this particular wallpaper from the new wallpaper book Magnolia Home By Joanna Gaines will hit #1. I just love this one!

This paper gives you an up close and personal connection to that great success story of the all american hard working Gaines family. This handsome wallpaper would be perfect for anyone's office, bedroom, media room etc. It would not matter if the office was at home, or at work, this would be an outstanding statement to update your wall. I think it would be a real conversation starter. Maybe even put this wallpaper in the background of a book shelf or bulletin board or even do several framed pieces to frame, fantastic decor.

I have seen architectural design wallpaper before, but never of a building or location that I have actually been there and familiar with the structure. It brings back the sweet story I remember when they purchased the silos and had stars in their eyes and a dream in their heart. And boy did they ever build that area in to a fantasy family filled gathering place for all! I would say the silo project by far is their favorite. Again, the Gaines have exceeded my expectations.


Magnolia Homes 10 Pattern 10: I think this wallpaper from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines is probably the most creative of the 10 we received. It is a beautiful black and white picture frame paneling. I would love to see where the Fixer Upper fans will use this great little wallpaper. Plus I hope Joanna will use this one in one of her TV recordings.

The high quality black ink use in the printing has a smooth lovely sheen similar to a brand new car finish. Then the white rustic framing really has the appearance of real wood.

The wood like framing that forms the very large rectangle picture has a few decorative scrolling on top and bottom. There are 2 sizes of frames approximately 15″x25″ and a smaller about 10″x24″.The unique simple styling is very impressive.

I could easily see this application used in a formal dining room, powder bath, mud room,laundry room to show off family pictures or even small inspirational sayings/quotes. This wallpaper can go formal to casual and fit in to any home or decor style. It also reminds me of a pretty chalkboard appearance that I once saw at my friend's home with cute little family reminders, notes, and lists.

Again Joanna thanks for the awesome design that has so many varied applications. I really really like this one very much!
Joanna Gaines Wallpaper
When these patterns are available for sale you will be able to buy them on my website at

Like I stated earlier these wallpapers are going to be amazing sellers, and I cannot wait to actually start selling them.

I have been instructed by the manufacturer that I can not take orders yet. Sorry guys I really wish I could take your pre-orders.

I am thrilled to announce I will be ordering a large amount of the wallpaper from the Magnolia Home Collection to stock in my store in Arlington, Texas.

I don't know if I ever told you this or not, but my retail decorating showroom, Leland's Wallpaper is the largest wallpaper store in Texas. Since we are so big, we stock a ton of wallpaper in the store, meaning you can buy and take it home the same day and start your project! When I say big, I really do mean BIG with a huge selection.

I will add most of the wallpaper from the new book to the website for you review.

When these patterns are available for sale you will be able to buy them on my website at

If you would like me to send you an email the day we add them to the website, so you can be among the first to see all of Joanna's new wallpaper patterns, just add yourself to my mailing list HERE

I hope you enjoyed my exclusive preview of the Magnolia Home By Joanna Gaines wallpaper book, it's got great design ready to decorate your home.

I hope you enjoyed my exclusive preview of the Magnolia Home Wallcovering Collection.

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