The Fixer Upper Theme Song

I never knew the Fixer Upper Theme Song was so good

I have often wondered what the full version of the Fixer Upper Theme Song sounded like, but I never knew where it came from.

Was it a full song, or just a short sound file made for the Fixer Upper TV Show for their intro?

I know it sounds weird, but this was something as a fan of the show that I really wanted to know.

Well, one day I was messing around on YouTube and I actually found the full version of the song.

it is a great tune, and I just love it.

I also found out that the female vocals on this song are from the daughter of Donna Summers. In case you are not familiar with Donna Summers she was the true queen of disco during my college days of the 70's.

How is that for a little bit of Fixer Upper Trivia?

fixer upper theme song
The song is performed by Johnnie Swim, and is from the album Diamonds. The name of the song featured on the Fixer Upper Theme is Home.

If you love the song as much as I do you can buy the album in the Apple iTunes store HERE

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