British Heritage: A Decorative Arts Influence

British Heritage Wallpaper Book

British architects and textile designers like Robert Adams and William Morris were forerunners to what we know as the Interior Design Profession. 

Their use of the decorative arts to make homes beautiful still influences modern design.

The organic nature, textures and colors, used by William Morris during the Arts and Crafts movement, enhances todays Organic Modern trend for stylish and elegant interiors.

His rich earth tones offer warmth to a room on a cold winter's day.  Hand drawn illustrations were created to show weavers, fabric dyers and other craftsman how to produce the designs.

The 3D reliefs we use to make a space more dynamic were also influenced by the past. 

Architect Robert Adam was known for making plaster reliefs on his walls and ceilings that echoed the designs of elaborate floor rugs and other textiles. 

The style of his time was Neo-Classical, and paid close attention to delicate details.